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17 June 2014

Facing Forward - President John Dramani Mahama.

We have been here before, as a team and as a nation.  We have lost a battle, despite fighting a good and strong fight, but we have carried on, defied the odds, and risen up to win the “war.”
Yesterday’s game against the United States of America (USA) was only our first in the World Cup.  Even though the USA scored within the first minute of the match, we did not despair.  We maintained our focus and we came back to equalize.  We came back to claim our glory.  And we celebrate our team, the Black Stars, for shining brightly in the midst of what seemed like a very bleak beginning.

Though we may have lost this first match, we are not defeated.  We are, rather, determined.
Ghana, as I have stated many times, is not a country that can easily be counted out.  We always come back stronger, braver, and more victorious.  Our Black Stars will persevere.  True to their name, they will continue to shine their light on Ghana, on all of Africa and, indeed, on the world.
Our flag has been raised high in Brazil for the world to see, and that Black Star, the lodestar that shines as a guiding light on our flag, will not falter.  

As President, I encourage all Ghanaians to be even more supportive, and to be even more optimistic.  Our Black Stars have already made history for our beloved nation and for our beloved continent.  By the grace of God, we will continue to do so.
Let us not be discouraged by this supposed defeat.  Let us, rather, focus on the strength of the will and talent displayed during this game.  Let us throw the full weight of our support behind our national team.  Let us keep facing forward.

May God Bless our Black Stars.

And may God continue to bless Ghana

 The Presidency - Republic of Ghana


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