Stop demanding HIV certificates before blessing marriages, giving employment

The National HIV and AIDS, STI Policy has banned religious sects from asking for an HIV certificate before blessing a marriage. It also says employers have no right denying an HIV positive person a job on that ground.

The policy, which was framed for public health, safety and security, also expressed its abhorrence for advertisements of medications purported to hold the cure for the disease.

The Ghana Aids Commission also says it is worried about the growing phenomenon where HIV certificates are requested before persons are allowed employment opportunities.

It has urged anyone who falls victim to any of these circumstances to report to the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice for redress.

The Technical Support Coordinator of the Commission Kwaku Osei made expressed the concerns at a training programme in Accra.

An HIV/AIDS Ambassador who is also a person living with HIV, Reverend John Azumah, said the practice discourages couples who really want to be together irrespective of their status, from doing so.

Reverend Azumah wondered why marriage Counselors, whom he said are themselves, ignorant of their own HIV status, would demand knowing the status of would-be couples before blessing their marriage.


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