NPP’s attack on EC politically unwise – Kofi Adams

Deputy General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Kofi Adams has implored the opposition New Patriotic Party to accede to the Electoral Commission (EC’s) request, by proposing the necessary reforms that can help improve the country’s electoral system.
Kofi Adams, in an interview with Radio Gold, warned the party not to continue their agenda of painting the Commission black in the sight of Ghanaians in order to ruin its integrity.
According to him, if the party members have got any suggestions to make in order to assist the Commission to draw out effective electoral reforms, they should voice it out.

The NPP should tell the nation “what kind of reforms workable that they have suggested in the past to the Electoral Commission for which the Electoral Commission has not implemented, then we can now make a serious debate out of that…They have not given us any such example in the first place,” he said, also disclosing that the party “is just continuing the agenda that they sought to pursue at the petition hearing where it was more let’s discredit this institution; let’s say they did not run a transparent election…So, if the court has seen the wisdom and thrown out our case, let’s continue that agenda outside of the court and make it look like even whatever the Electoral Commission is doing, it is not genuine.”

To him, the NPP will be the ‘biggest losers’ in their attempt to run the Commission down because “if you create credibility doubt for an institution that is independent; that it’s supposed to be organizing elections in this country, then you want to introduce chaotic situation in this country. And I think that the NPP should stop such an agenda. It’s not going to help the country. It’s not going to help them as a political party.”


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