Ghanaian President Grants Amnesty To 1,104 Prisoners.

President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana has granted amnesty to 1,104 prisoners in commemoration of Ghana's 54th Republic Anniversary which fell on July 1.
A statement issued by Deputy Minister of the Interior James Agalga here Wednesday said the President acted upon the advice of the Council of State and the recommendation of the Ghana Prison Service.

The categories of prisoners benefitting from the amnesty included 1,001 first offenders who had served at least half of their sentences for outright release.

Twenty-one prisoners on death row who had served at least 10 years and had their sentences commuted to life, while 71 prisoners serving life sentences and who had served at least 10 years had their sentences commuted to a definite term of 20 years.

The statement said nine seriously ill prisoners were recommended for outright release on medical grounds, one prisoner serving at the President's pleasure was recommended by the Medical Board for outright release, and one prisoner was released upon special recommendation.

"It is important to note that those recommended for outright release have already been freed by the prison authorities," the statement added.



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