01 January 2017

Married in School, Single at home in Ghana.

Thought of if you have noticed in almost every university in Ghana you would find a lot of 'undergraduate couples. That is the male and female students living as husbands and wives. You find a lot of this misguided people in virtually all schools, it is so bad that they are duly recognized and acknowledged as couples by fellow students, lodge mates, neighbors and even leaders of various students unions.

  • The Guy takes responsibility of being a father and the girl being the mother.
  • These students are very young who don’t understand the whole idea of being in a marriage.
  • They enjoy everything, conjugal right is the song of the day from morning glory to evening.
  • They will win awards like 'best couple of the year', 'most stylish couple of the year' etc., shamelessly and thoughtlessly if such was organized but they receive complements from their colleagues.

The rate at which girls live with their boyfriends in their various off campus hostels is painfully alarming. Most times, these young girls are very beautiful, smart with a bright and promising future. They cohabit with this boys who are their fellow students 'small boys' as roommates, surprisingly and often times very funny the silly girl would always introduce the small boy as her fiancé and then one begins to wonder if they have an idea the meaning and weight of the word fiancé??.

Our society is really sick courtesy of those that live in it. These girls collect either hostel fees or house rent from unsuspecting parents and most times struggling parents and end up in the hostel of a boy. Hold up girls ,lets reason together, because most times you girls are at the losing end; You struggled possibly for several years to gain admission, then you suddenly became a prayer warrior posting and shouting 'Amen' at the slightest provocation, you fasted and sowed seeds in different churches, you had only one prayer point filled with promises of your loyalty and devotion to God, 'if only HE would answer your prayer' and now that HE has done HIS part and you have gained that admission don't you think HE is expecting you to fulfill your part too??

Let me remind you that part of the reasons you are in school is NOT to get the husband and wife experience; to see what it feels like for the boy to provide money for food and for the girl to go the market for food stuffs and cook. That’s a total misplacement of purpose.

If it true that gaining admission into the university gives you unlimited freedom, your parents are not there, no blood relation or even distant relation around to guide and monitor you, but what about giving your womanhood some respect?

We have seen on media many students commit suicide simply because they found the other partner cheating on him or her as both of them are practicing marriage illegally.
While at home he/she will pretend to be a single person. If a parent visits them in school abruptly I fear the parent can collapse or develop a heart attack.
You will be shocked to find your kid, the way she is dressed, drunk and staying with another man.

As a student, you should be responsible, don’t waste your precious time practicing marriage. Your time will come.
According to the research 97% of those who married themselves in school hostels never got married after schooling. Majority of the ladies are single, some don’t have kids because they aborted or must have used family planning pills.

Are they to be blamed??? 

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