48 late entry athletes accepted for Commonwealth Games.

 The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has approved the late entry applications for 48 athletes from several countries including Ghana to participate in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow starting this Wednesday (July 23).
The CGF says that athletes from Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Australia and Ghana also had their late entry approved.
According to the Commonwealth Games Federation, the well-advertised deadline for entries closed on June 11, but due to a number of oversights by the athletes’ administrators, they were not entered and faced missing their events.

Officials from the seven listed countries sought special dispensation from the CGF for a total of 48 affected athletes, the federation says.
“The CGF Executive Board took the view that wherever possible athletes should not suffer because of the failings of their administrators,” said CGF President, HRH Prince Imran.

“But we also had to ensure that the extra numbers could be accommodated at this very late stage within the existing complex operations and schedules, and without unfairly impact on those properly entered.
“We thank the Glasgow Organising Committee for working through the issues at this very busy time to allow us to assist the athletes.”

“The CGF and the Organising Committee are committed to these Games being athlete-centred and sport focused.”


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