Regina, The German Octopus Predicts Ghana Win Over Germany World Cup match.


An important prediction has been made for  World Cup game between powerhouse Germany and Ghana, Regina, the octopus at Berlin's Sea World aquarium, has already predicted Germany's win against Portugal.
Now attention falls on her for the Germany-Ghana match. Regina's under pressure because her predecessor, Paul, picked the winner in 12 of 14 matches during the last World Cup. Paul lived at a different aquarium and has since died. All eyes were on Regina. The octopus is considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates. Regina had the choice of picking food from one of two transparent containers in her tank. One container had a German flag, the other a Ghana flag. At first she seems to favor Germany but then goes for Ghana in a big way. If Ghana beats Germany, it will be the biggest upset of the World Cup so far.


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