Kevin-Prince Boateng Interview with SPORT BILD after suspension.

The Schalke's Bundesliga player Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari have been thrown out of the squad of the Ghana national football team at the World Cup in Brazil. Boateng should be clashed with coach Kwasi Appiah during training, Muntari is alleged to have become violent against official of the association Moses Arman Parker. The Ghanaian Association confirmed the suspension of both players on his website. In SPORT BILD online Boateng takes a position on the incidents.

SPORT BILD: Mr. Boateng, just you were suspended by the coach. What happened?
Kevin-Prince Boateng: "Yesterday, there was an incident during training. Sulley Muntari and I have joked for a duel. I said that he had played the ball with his hand. He said no. Then I laughed and said: 'Hey, you're the referee or what?' "
And then what?
"Have we both laughed. The coach broke the complete unit. And wondered why we laugh. We said that everything was okay. He then sent me to the cabin. "

 That was it?
"No, after training I went to the coach and asked him if he had a minute for me. I asked him what he had against me? Then he started yelling at me. He insulted me. There were words like: Fuck off "
And then what?
"Did I learn tomorrow from the suspension today. I accept the absolutely - only no one should believe that I had insulted the coach or something let me come to debt. I now travel from and I wish my colleagues all the best for the World Cup and the match against Portugal. "


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