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26 June 2014

Ghana team receives their cash award late in Brasilia. These bands of Ghanaians are not even ashamed?

 Ghana players receive cash awards at a hotel in Brasilia (Photo: Almir de Queiroz / TV Globo)
Apparently, the promise of the Ghanaian Football Association to pay the players, even on Wednesday, the award by qualifying for the World Cup was fulfilled. Around 20h, sent a delegation of the African country with the late money landed in Brasilia, where the team faces Portugal on Thursday. With police escort, responsible for the transport of values ​​went straight to the hotel where the team is staying pathway was shown during the National Journal, TV Globo. According to Agence France Press, the award is around $ 3 million.

Shortly after the arrival of the entourage, the players began to drive to one of the hotel rooms to withdraw the money owed by the federation. Some kept the amount in the pocket or wrapped in pieces of clothing. Others left with the wad of bills in his hand. The estimate is that the award of each athlete is $ 100 thousand.

 The whole operation to take the bonus money to Brasilia occurred because the players demanded that the payment was made in cash and not by bank transfer. According to the team's coach, James Appiah, the request is related to the culture of the country.
- The practice in Ghana has always paid in cash, not by bank transfer. Some players even have a bank account in Ghana. The system (bank) is any different than you are used to in Europe. But it is a common practice among us - the coach explained at a press conference on the afternoon of Wednesday.

 The Ghanaian Football Association has agreed to pay the award delayed by qualifying for the World Cup after a strike threat made by the players, who refused to train on Tuesday. After meetings and a personal conversation the  President of the Ghana, Dramani Mahama, with athletes was agreed to discharge the debt. 

  The government is pre-financing payment of the Black Stars, which will be refunded when FIFA pay a participation fee of Ghana at the World Cup after the dispute of the tournament in Brazil - said a statement posted on the morning of Wednesday the Page federation on the internet.
In the afternoon, now calmer after the commitment made ​​by the federation, the players from Ghana conducted the only practice in the federal capital before the match against Portugal. During the 15 minutes open to the media, we observed a relaxed mood among athletes.

 Ghana player leaves the hotel room with a wad of cash in hand (Photo: Almir de Queiroz / TV Globo)

 It is the right of the players to receive the money and was promised that payment would happen before coming to Brazil. It's the same money paid to players worldwide. FIFA pass the money to countries that pay the players. It would sure get something that was promised. But the players are focused. Let's leave it behind and get on the field to give the best of us. Defender colors of our flag is our ultimate goal - defended the coach Appiah.
With the prize in his pocket, the team faces Ghana Portugal on Thursday, at 13h, the Mane Garrincha Stadium. The Black Stars must win by two goals difference and still hope for a German victory over the United States - match played at the same time, in the Pernambuco Arena - to get to the place in the quarter-final.

Unlike the Saints players like messi and neymar and all others who play without receiving anything in return just to serve the country ... These bands of Ghanaians are not even ashamed .



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